About the Vermont Lawyers Group, Inc.

"Supporting Vermont Charities, Non-Profits, and Needy Individuals"


Mission:  The Vermont Lawyers Group, Inc. (VLG) is a non-profit organization with a mission to raise money for Vermont charities, other non-profit organizations, and needy individuals. Its purpose is also to provide resources and support for attorneys.

CLEs/Fundraising Events:  VLG intends to raise money for charities, non-profits, and needy individuals by hosting CLEs and organizing other fundraising events.  VLG shall donate 75% of the proceeds of each CLE or fundraising event to a worthy cause which shall be promoted at the CLE or fundraising event.

Support for Lawyers: VLG also aims to support lawyers by creating a database of legal forms, pleadings, motions, and other helpful documents in all areas of legal practice.  The database will be free to all users and the documents will be in Microsoft Word format so that they can be easily downloaded and used.  The forms are intended to provide guidance for attorneys who may need assistance while working in areas with which they are less familiar.  VLG welcomes any contributions from attorneys or others.  Any documents submitted to VLG may be redacted or altered for privacy purposes if so desired.

Membership:  Membership is free and open to all Vermont attorneys, paralegals and their staff. To access the legal document database, users will be required to set up an account and log-in with an account number and password.

Charities/Non-Profits:  VLG is currently establishing working relationships with Vermont charities that encourage our fundraising efforts.  VLG is currently organizing CLEs to support the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund.

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